Friday, October 17, 2008


I must release...

Furry body gone, no soul to move on
Cling to my heart, you never would part
Until you were broken and couldn't go on.

No reason you gave
With no notice, took your life away
And no one saw it coming.

Cruising the highway
Out on the road, bet it was a nice day
Crash- within seconds, you were gone.

I'm angry.  Life is so fragile and when you're away you feel a others disconnect.  I've basically heard all bad news from home since I've been here, and it's hitting me.  I don't know how to express the pain it's caused.

A word here and there will remind me of these losses.
My face becomes stoic.  How can one weep when there's no other connection?
This world was not meant to be full of brokenness, hurt, pain, grief.
So I strive every day to know that I'm strong.  Life goes on.  People love.  God's up above.
I mustn't give up.             

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