Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sitting on the bathroom floor
whispering your name to darkness
tears dropping all around
there's no consolation in this town.

Not really.
No one here knew you like I did.
And I can't rid myself of all the memories we had together (I'll keep them)
We said goodbye like we'd have forever... (mistakes, I hope not to repeat them)

You saw life as humorous and serious..
Serious you.
But then you'd break into song and dance-
and with a quick glance I'd give in to chance and prance with you.

You made life contagious-
your courage sprinkled our lives outrageous.

Thank you for your care.
Thank you for the deep talks.
Thank you for the long walks.
Thank you for always being you; unique and stunning you.

I kept the bracelet, I kept the movie.
I enjoyed the food, the fishing, the gaming, the dancing, romancing,
Climbing up the snow hill and taking you to choir,
In talks of growing up and faith, you always did inspire.
I learned a lot from you.  I'm shocked to see you're gone.
But in my heart and of those you love, you surely will live on.

Such a blessing in our lives, taken too soon.
I will miss you.

"There's one more angel in Heaven, there's one more star in the sky"

Monday, May 7, 2012

I think I'll

Just spin and see where I land.
See if I'll be caught, or picked up, or giggled at or with.
Spin because so much is a blur in life anyway.

We're counting the days away.
And I couldn't tell you the way I wish it'd go.

God's painting with the roller;

I'm praying for the fine strokes.