Sunday, March 25, 2012

I would gladly

take a little purrer on my chest for awhile.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's hard to watch

other people struggle.

Especially when you know what's up
but there's a boundary you can't cross.
When you know how to make them smile;
You know what they want-
You can guess what they need-
but their relation to you is unhealthy,
so you must bow out and simply watch
the pain
the struggle
the brokenness

...such floundering.
And all I want to do is pick up the pieces and present them in a way that could bring healing.

My heart is still here.
I can feel my pulse.
It's there
it's there...

Monday, March 12, 2012

My heart breaks

with the most beautiful sound
of having been blessed
by you, with you, for you

It breaks to be away;
it breaks every day
and God just keeps building us stronger.

[How much longer til we see each other?]

And dare I go on?
I could sputter of our kinship until a new rising dawn-
but it wouldn't get anywhere.
We're so rare, and we care, and share until no words are left
then we're enraged at the felony as time commits theft.
Then we part, both feeling bereft.

So we curse the distance!
Bless the persistence.
Praise the existence.

God lies immanent in this friendship:
Tastier than a corn chip.
Funnier than a comic strip.
More epic than a film clip.
More adventure than a plane trip.

Love ya, sis :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012

Be a part of something bigger than you, bigger than me.
Be a part of justice.
Be global.
Spread hope and love.
This world is not beyond saving. We can pull together.

DO something :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

I miss my cat.

RIP Cuddles.
My 14-year-old, outdoor kitty
white with black spots, golden eyes
My lil holstein kitty.

I never want to forget:
You wandered through our garden one day during a picnic;
I picked you up.
Up you went, on top of my head,
and I wanted you for mine.

You belonged to the neighbors
so back you went,
and this 8-year-old was spent.

Too many pets, so back you came, to my arms and to my heart.
I plopped you on the couch or I plopped you on my bed, hoping we never would part.
I told you about Jesus, hoping to save your soul, hoping you'd forever live.
Oh "Christian cat," the times I threw you in the blanket, I hope you did forgive.

The time you pooped in my beanbag chair, I wasn't even mad.
The time Dad kicked you for being on the counter really made me sad.
The times you hid behind the couch for you believed the vacuum to be bad...
I miss.
Your gangly paws.
Your nonexistent meow.
Your grand "king of the jungle" stare.
I miss.
For the time you comforted when Grandma passed away.
For the times you ran through blizzards, to my arms to stay.
For the times you were beside me, while sick, you would lay.
I am thankful.
Lying in the sun, sleeping on Dad's belly, attacking the tent, chasing the baton, letting me dress you in doll's clothing, putting up with the brother spinning you on the kitchen floor, being such a gentle spirit.
I am reminiscent.

You lost a lot of teeth.
Your brain went a little fuzzy.
Randomly skipping about, and licking at nothing.
We kept you in, we kept you close,
kept you safe and wiped your nose;
until time stood still and it was time to go.
And my fondness of you will never go.
Of all the farm cats that did come and go..
you were always my cat. Part of the family. The one that stayed, survived. Thrived.

Love ya. Miss ya.