Monday, March 12, 2012

My heart breaks

with the most beautiful sound
of having been blessed
by you, with you, for you

It breaks to be away;
it breaks every day
and God just keeps building us stronger.

[How much longer til we see each other?]

And dare I go on?
I could sputter of our kinship until a new rising dawn-
but it wouldn't get anywhere.
We're so rare, and we care, and share until no words are left
then we're enraged at the felony as time commits theft.
Then we part, both feeling bereft.

So we curse the distance!
Bless the persistence.
Praise the existence.

God lies immanent in this friendship:
Tastier than a corn chip.
Funnier than a comic strip.
More epic than a film clip.
More adventure than a plane trip.

Love ya, sis :)

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