Tuesday, October 28, 2008

childhood wonder.

Children.  They are so young, so full of imagination and life.  So gullible.  They grow up believing that their life and is much like others' lives.  
Have you ever seen a child living in poverty?  Dirty clothes, dirty faces, broken teeth.
I remember seeing children such as these in Guatemala.  They come from very large families and just begged to be held, to be smiled at, to have human touch.  A hair tie was a prized possession.
I cringe at some American children: fat, greedy, selfish, taking all they have for granted.  Never having enough- always wanting the next big thing.  Please?  Thank you?
It seems to rare to see kids in a neighborhood getting together and playing imaginary games until the sun goes down.  Where has the wonder gone?  Do children now have too much to appreciate life itself?  

 I believe the outdoors are where children can learn and grow the most.  Seeing the children of Guatemala playing outside and having a blast made me miss my childhood. 
I always joke with my parents and complain about how I hardly had any toys as a kid.  I say I just played with the kittens on the farm.  In all honesty though- when I later found I had Barbies, they weren't that cool- I stayed outside because I enjoyed it.  I'd make a house out of metal scraps or practice obedience training on our dog.  I'd ride my bike to the neighbors and crick stomp.  Life was good.
At school, when I was younger, recess was always looked forward to.  Soups made of leaves, rocks and sticks, swinging around the poles, digging up "fossils," being the "prettiest unicorn," tag, Boys vs. Girls.  I remember using my one year of judo training on a boy and making him cry.  Those were the days.  
"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of childhood into maturity."

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