Monday, October 13, 2008

numero uno.

I've always wanted a blog.  Who doesn't want the opportunity to release the immense amounts of rambling trapped inside one's mind?  So, inspirEd is what I've decided to blab about. 
I have a daily dilemma.  I have such passion for life that I don't know what to do with it all.  I can become so frustrated when I have no outlet to express myself.  I just took a strengths test and my number one strength was "Appreciation of Beauty." Hit me right on the nose.  I look for inspiration in all things.  Is there a job out there to inspire and be inspired?  If so, *raises hand* pick me.  
My friend and I have a fun, non-existent (yet! :P) modeling agency that we are constantly on the lookout for new possible models.  Beautiful people make me scream inside.  Their picture needs to be taken- don't they understand that? :)
Vocals.  Can I sing for you?  Best seat in the house is outside the shower.  Since coming to school I've felt a terrible strain on my heart because I have no true, solo outlet for my voice.  I feel God push me onward, but I dig my heels in and resist because I'm scared.  Should  feel guilty?  It hangs with me everyday...wish I could sing about this angst. lol.
I have a constant band inside my head.  A constant beat in my heart.  Palpitations every moment.  My feet wish to dance to what they hear, what they feel.  My one regret in life (possibly?) is that I stopped taking dance lessons.  I would have a better understanding of how to control the passion and make more sense of the dance rage within me.  I would consider being a choreographer.  Bodies are beautiful and move with such elegance or fierceness that I can't explain.  But people who dance because it's just what they've done don't have it right, I mean: go big or go home.  If you have the talent, use it all or you're wasting your time.  If it's not your passion you get nothing from it.  Go learn to crochet or something. :D
Thus ends my first blog.  Enjoyable.  I may just become addicted.  Until next time :D- cheers


stefaniedanielle said...

iii loved it.
i was inspirEd. =]
(plus i am honored you would mention me anonymously in your blog-what a privilege. =])
luff you!

StephanyDyan said...

I loved it kate!!
I can't wait to hear more!