Sunday, October 26, 2008

feed the lions.

I visited some friends during fall break.  When I was eating, I overheard an interesting remark: "The best thing we can do for the environment is to kill ourselves."  I thought, wow, that's blunt.  But I got to thinking about it...we pollute, we kill, we alter...that saying very well may be true!  If we're not here....Earth is...happy?  Plus, we are biodegradable!

Which leads me to another thought:  I don't want to be put into a casket and left to rot.  What a depressing thought.  I might rather be burned and sprinkled.  Maybe sprinkled all over the world!  Not only would people get to eat my dust, I'd also send someone on the trip of a lifetime!  I'd probably have my dust spilt into...23 portions (Go Michael Jordan and my fav #), that might take awhile...ok 7 (GO GOD!).  *smile* anyway- yeah!  Maybe one on each continent.  Ooooor something cool in general.
My other thought would be "the circle of life."  Why let my body end at all?  Why not just throw me to the lions in Africa and provide them a meal?  It's just a body.  My spirit will be gone!  I would only feel for my fam and friends who would have to do the throwing of the body to the lions...or even them having the thought that my body that hugged them, kissed them, heck, high-fived them was being ripped to shreds....that might be disconcerting.  Ah, I'm not that old...if I don't die from something crazy, I have awhile to think about it all.

*ahem* "Oh, the lions they can eat my body but they can't swallow my soul, oh no, no, no!"

While you're at it, check out this video!  The only way I can link to something I've talked about it that it's a disney song...and I quoted the Lion King?  Just watch- it's not what you expect. :D

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