Monday, October 20, 2008


"Swim in the dark tonight, this art does not end."

Water is a beautiful thing.  We can drink it, swim in it, wash with it, cook with it, splash with it.  Swimming is so glorious; your body in an element that slows you down, holds you up,  flows around your every curve, is your negative, in a sense.  To swim is to literally dive into a different dimension- your body's experience  changes completely.  

Inspiration: this picture and the scene from "Ever After" where Drew Barrymore is swimming and all of a sudden sees Leonardo DaVinci "walking on water" in his....boat shoes?  Yeah.

By the way- skinny dippers are amazingly brave people.   Not only do they bare all, but they jump into water that is probably dark, that can't be seen through to the bottom.  Holy flip.  I don't care where I am, I see dark water and sharks come to mind.  Yes, I do not live anywhere near a coast that could have sharks, but can I help my phobia?  No.  *sigh*  One must have complete faith to jump into dark water.  How deep is it?  What lurks beneath?  Will the police come by with their flash lights?  *runs away*  : ]

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weeser said...

You slay me, girlfriend....a completely random post....reminded me of your 'random questions' texts! I LOVED IT! CYA this weekend???