Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Zealand

I crumble into your arms
weary and broken from life's heavy load
you help me stand
when I can't do it alone

You give me comfort
as you gather me near
I feel all life's worries
quickly disappear

What does one do when they're broken?  When their spirit is so exhausted that they believe they can't go on?  I have moments like this.  I lose grasp of what really is and is to come; I curl up in a ball and sleep so I won't have to deal with the present.  I've come to find that hugs are my medicine.  Words won't always get hope across to me, but someone being there can.

How do those with the gift of empathy have normal days?  If they so easily feel what others are feeling, aren't they in turmoil?  Our culture encourages more and more negativity, that each of us is not good enough unless we do this, and this, and this...Where is the relaxation?  Where has pure authenticity gone?  Why are Americans always rushed to be somewhere, do something, be somebody?  I think I'll move to New Zealand.

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Jan said...

"We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace". I heard this quote yesterday, and it really made me think...just like your blog thoughts.