Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My, how time has changed.

It's interesting (and sickening) how the perception of the beauty of a woman has changed over the years.

A plump woman used to be the ideal;
one that had big hips and could bare children.
Pudge was in.

Now it's more thin. No muffin-top for the boys now, no sir.
Pudge is out.

I just watched a British documentary called "Super Skinny Me." 2 healthy-weighted female journalists took the challenge to fit into size 00 jeans.

1 succeeded but hated the process and being that thin.

The other was close, but also nearly developed an eating disorder.
It messed with her mind.
She started lying to cover her bingeing and purging. She didn't see it coming.

Young girls need support.
They need help with their self-esteem.
They need to be taught to recognize the media brainwashing garbage.
They need to know how to take care of their bodies in healthy ways.
They need to know that they are beautiful.

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