Thursday, June 10, 2010

Season 2: complete.

I. am a Gleek.
I love the show "Glee." It makes me so happy!
I must admit, at first I was bothered by the liberal undertones that were everywhere in the script.

Then I got over it, accepted it for what it was, moved on, and LOVED the show.

I love the various characters, so I decided to put my opinions of each of them into the world of the internet.

Here goes:
Rachel- she's pretty obnoxious, but I love her drive. It makes me laugh how dedicated she is at times. Also, I think she and Finn together is awkward.

Finn- He is adorable, sweet, lovable...and really dumb. Poor guy.

Quinn- Her talking voice annoys me at times. It sounds like Brianna Wallace from MK & A's movie "Holiday in the Sun." The way she got pregnant (drinking w/ Puck and feeling fat) is hilarious.

Tina- I always forget about her. I think her pretending to stutter before she brought up that she was faking wasn't stressed enough. Plus, she has Arty.

Arty- He makes me smile whenever he is on camera. He has this special cute/sexy nerdness about him that makes me squeal. Also, his voice is delicious.

Terri- So clueless- she lost Will because she was an airhead. 'Nuff said.

Sue- She is hard-driven, but I sense a good heart deep inside her. Her lines are some of the best of the show. "You think that's hard? Try having hepatitis, that's hard!" "And that's the way Sue 'Cs' it."

Emma- She is completely adorable. She's not good at standing up for herself, but her clothes and mannerisms are precious. When I am sad, I find myself shrugging and screwing up my mouth, just like her. What a role model. (PS- but, if you're going to be a guidance counselor, don't just hand out pamphlets, aight?)

Puck- I just recently realized that he has an amazing voice. BUT, he's a skeeze. He does have his moments where I think I see a good person shining through, but then he reminds me of the straight-up bad-boy he is Pool-cleaning business my butt.

Kurt- He dresses so funny, but I still enjoy it. And I love how he pushes back his hair. He sings so high, sometimes I wonder if he's missing some parts down there. I love how the writers of Glee created his character after the actor auditioned for the part of Arty. Cool beans.

Mercedes- I often find her personality annoying, but she definitely has pipes. I just wonder when she'll finally do a song where she doesn't feel the need to sing really loudly and hit a high H.

Ah, I feel better now.
And that's what you missed on, inspirEd!