Friday, June 25, 2010

Mismatched socks

just irk me.
I mean......why??

They look funny.
They seem unbalanaced-
wonky, if you will.
And often they are different styles.

How can a human being wear a low-rise sock and an ankle sock and not want to burn their feet off at the discomfort? I mean, come on!

I know of a guy that writes numbers on his socks. He always knows which sock belongs to another and he wears them all evenly so they wear out the same.
I used to think that was a bit obsessive.

But now I think he may have something.

1 comment:

Amanda Jane said...

I only like to mismatch socks that come in a pack :) so they are the same shape and fit.

I like how they look a little "wonky" haha :D but I don't like the feeling of mismatched shapes together...blegh!