Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today is not Father's Day.

I have proclaimed it "Poppy's Day."
My dad has a special name, because he is special.

He is special because:
He is a farmer.
He has killer boots.
He tries to tickle my feet whenever he walks by me when I'm in the recliner.
He sometimes lets my mom and I bring a cat in the house....sometimes.
He eats ice cream like it's going out of style.
He can spend hours looking at an Atlas.
His eyes are sparkly.
He typically has 3 sock tan lines during the summer.
Sometimes he hikes up his pants and acts like a nerd.
He has a hat with a built-in fan that runs from a solar panel on the top.
He likes to grill delicious burgers.
He taught me how to fake spit for a musical.
He always put the worm on my hook and took the fish off when I went fishing because I was a wussie.
There were mornings where he'd have Mom get my brother and I out of bed to come look in the back of the truck. There was often a big snapping turtle inside and he would make it bite and let us watch.
He is so flustered when you wake him from sleep.
When he gets to laughing really hard, he sounds like a school girl.
We like to watch the "Father of the Bride" movies together and get choked up.
And, he loves me and cares for me, and vice versa.

I could not have asked for a better father, a better poppy.
So, Happy Poppy's Day!
I love you.

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