Sunday, May 16, 2010

The time I hold in my hand right now

is so very strange.
It's electric. It beats.
It's dying, it's living;
it's free and it's constricted and
it's terrified.

I miss home. I miss my family.
But I don't want to miss a beat with my friends now.
Soon they'll be done here
and our time will never be the same.

I wish it would slow down.
Though the deep pain, the sorrow of what's to come, would last longer
the sweet moments could be even more savored.

My heart aches daily.
Little reminders of what's to be.
Reminders that I can't stop it.
I want it to slow down.
I want it to reverse.

I want all these things that soak my heart.
These people, these times that have enriched my being, through and through.
They are me and I am them. There is something we know of each other that is flawless,
effortless, invisible, and evident.
We are tied together.

We mustn't let the ties be snipped.
They may loosen, but to snip would have me fall apart.
Oh, my heart...stay with me.


Amanda Jane said...

1. I love reading your thoughts every time I do it.
2. I would like to know your method for picking pictures

inspirEd said...

1. Thanks so much :) I'm glad you do. I love reading yours as well.
2. Well I typically get my pictures from using stumbleupon on firefox. I will randomly come across photography pages and I'll spend a lot of time looking through them for ones that inspire me. Then I save them.
When I want to write a blog, I start looking through them to see what fits best with what I'm feeling or looks like a topic I will discuss. :)
3. We're hanging out tonight!

Amanda Jane said...

Whoop Whoop!! :)