Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birds are peculiar little things.

I visited a nursing home the other day
and they had a few glass cages
filled with little birdies.

Yellow ones, black ones, brown ones.

One black one had some biiiig tail feathers.
It made me think:
Hey, someday I could have my own bird(s).
I would train them to sit on my finger.
On my shoulder (pirate day).

I could give them impressive names like

Alexander the Great
Or maybe even Bobert. (What a cute bird name, right?)

Then I remembered that birds poop in their cages that thenceforth must be cleaned by their owner, a.k.a. "me."

So as far as getting some of my own-
I may need some more convincing.

...I think I'm gonna go tweet about this.

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