Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am lucky today

1. that all of my toes are still intact
2. that my feet are not sliced or punctured
3. that my blood was not sucked out
4. that I was not shot
5. that I was not attacked
6. that I am only slightly burnt.

I went creek-stomping with a friend today.
We went on a bike ride and found a bridge with a beautiful view.
We slid down underneath and climbed around.
We eventually took our shoes off and waded in the water for a good stretch.
I felt earthy. I felt mother nature run through my veins; it doesn't make sense unless you've been there, unless you've felt it.

So we had a genuine afternoon adventure.
And an adventure is not complete unless there is a bit of danger:

1. Snapping turtles.
2. Broken glass.
3. Tiny leeches.
4. I began singing and whistling when I heard other humans, for I feared they may think we were wildlife and shoot us.
5. We saw "big dog" paw prints.
6. I put sunscreen on my face, but I wanted color on my arms and legs. I am only slightly lobsteresque at this point.

But don't worry Mom,
nature camp prepared me.
And growing up in the country made it even better for reminiscence.

This adventure made a most quality Sunday afternoon, I must say.

Now to take our tiny treasures and guess at their origins...
.baby food bottle. jawbone. sole of an old children's shoe. tile-lookin button thinger.

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