Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Your parents aren't perfect, your friends do things you may not approve of, Santa *spoiler* isn't real, life is shorter than you expect, time doesn't stop for anyone and it's not always appropriate to whine. Wow.
Remember innocence? When those older than you would make a point to shelter you from all the harsh realities of life? It's sick, realizing life is different than you'd thought for so long. I know I'm mostly through that point in life (though many might disagree), but then I think- one day I'll probably have kids and have to shelter them. But how much should you keep from your children? I don't think parents should lie to their children. Truth is beautiful. You don't have to be graphic, but be honest. Which leads me to think....Santa is so lame, but so worth it.....*sigh* :P

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