Sunday, November 2, 2008


Life is so broken.  It's seen everyday.  My beliefs lead me to believe that this was not the way life was supposed to be: full of death, destruction, hate, immortality, perversity, slander, malice, judgement.  How do we keep hope?

God pulls me through.  I live with joy in my heart everyday.  Though things may go wrong, though there will be bad days, I know in the end everything will be fine.  Not just fine, wonderful!  To be in God's presence will be an amazing thing.  God's love and promises give me strength to believe that I can make it through anything.  And I know God will use my gifts to reach others' lives.

Prayer: speaking directly to God.  Think about it.  That's ten billion googolplex times bigger and better than we can imagine.  The God of all creation is just a word, a song, a whisper, a thought away.  Any yet, we take it for granted.  Some never using it at all.  Why is that?

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