Saturday, November 8, 2008

enjoy Life.

Enjoy life. Feel free to be goofy at times. Let the rain drops fall on your face. Pet a cat. Stare at the clouds. Ask someone what's close to their heart. Hug an elderly person. Fly a kite. Ruffle someone's hair. Snuggle under a blanket. Tell the truth. Pray out loud. Run barefoot in the snow. Say the compliment, don't just think it. Read a book. Dance to the music in your head. Create the music in your head. Make a baby laugh. Smile because you know you can make it. Embrace others without judgment. Take a nap. Laugh at the little things, laugh at the big things. Sing like you think no one's listening. Dance like you have no inhibitions. Be authentic. Be legit. Live life; love.

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