Monday, October 10, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

I constantly wish to explain my thousand.

Words have power.
Words give something and let you have something within the hour.
Words give you description, explanation, setting, and all.
But what you take from words is where the meaningfulness falls.

Words on a page can give me the setting
but my imagination soars, it's the picture that I'M getting.

Yes the imagination, but ah, my heart:
I can let a poem bring me to my knees
or feel a quotation make life like a breeze.
In seconds, words can change who you are.
Molding the heart, helping you see that star.

We're not so far apart, myself and the world,
a few simple sentences can help heal the hurt,
make others feel like dirt,
let off a vibe and flirt,
lose control and blurt,
in an awkward moment, divert,
or with power, exert.

Words affect change.

And I want change for the better.
Words that impact won't keep me a forgetter.

Change the world by changing your words.
What are you saying?
And is it worth being heard?

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