Saturday, October 1, 2011


makes me think of cripsness
of excellent music, such distinctness.
My heart falling every time to a tune so serene
my heart can't help but lean into love all around me.
It surrounds me.
I sway to the tune
sometimes, too far, henceforth I swoon.

This music wraps me up in its melody.
I can't breathe any bad for the life of me.
The beat of the drum brings out the free in me.
I spin and I turn; I must move my feet.
I can't be complete without this motion that lets my heart flee my body.

.the drudgery of everyday wears away with the songs we play.


Courtney said...

"the beat of the drum brings out the free in me."--woah dude. that just really hit me! this whole post did right now.
beauty. that's what it is. and what you and your heart are.
grateful. that is what I am. :)

Courtney said...

(also, one of my favorite things is when things say, "1 comments." with an s on the end haha. it's the little things, Kate.) ;)