Friday, October 21, 2011

The cello:

a song was never sung so sweet.
A lullaby that soothes and makes the heart weep.

The sad, strong strokes provoke one to relive words once spoke.
Reminding of the lonely spaces in our hearts,
those once forgotten parts...

Grace with sorrow, finding solitude in its resilience.
Derelict of its brilliance.
It's wisdom, far beyond my years.
Just tales of old to it are my present fears.

The only fit duet,
would be to silently step-
tiptoe with fervor as a dancer with grace
and angst, limbs extending, each leaving a trace
of the hurt, of the pain, of the love that did sting-
deep breath at the core; let the emotions wring.

The heart is the only necessity.
The sole ingredient of the recipe.
Slow realizing destiny,
is my well-weathered friend.

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