Monday, September 27, 2010

I may return home

this weekend.
I need to drop off some things
I need to pick up some things
and the good Lord knows I have dirty laundry (thanks Madre!).

I look forward to my country escape;
where the air is cleaner
the stars are brighter
and sound is quieter.

Poppy will be harvesting,
but I will get some time with him.
I will sit alongside him in the combine
and I will love every moment.

I will visit Grandpa.
He is so old
and so wonderfully beautiful.
He has supported me my entire life.
His eyes sparkle when I enter the room.
He makes me so very happy- I must see him!

I will chill with Madre.
It's time for some good ol' girl time!
I will pull her away from doing the books
and we shall have fun and catch up on life.
Giggles will abound and Poppy will smirk at his silly girls.

Oh home. Come back to me.


Amanda Jane said...

what a blessing to have such a sweet home, in the people and the places.
I'm really glad for you.

Madre said...

What a beautiful picture!

We are looking forward to seeing you (and your laundry)!

Anything special you'd like to have to eat?

Love you,

inspirEd said...

Thanks Amanda :)

And Madre- Chicken noodle casserole sounds lovely... :)