Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I beg of you.

stop making your children grow up so fast.
Protect their innocence.
Do not keep them ignorant,
but let them understand at a child's rate.

Don't cover them in make up.
Don't let them watch whatever is on television.
Don't make them do all of your household duties.
Don't make them the babysitter every time.
Don't let them live with no discipline.
Don't elect them "man" or "woman" of the house.
Because they are not beyond adolescence.

Don't rob them of childhood.

Teach them manners.
Teach them creativity.
Teach them discipline and flexibility.
Teach them new things everyday.
Show them curiosity.
Show them how to live. Don't be a hypocrite.
Let them learn social skills.
Let them learn it's OK to be themselves.

Take an interest.
Take the time.
Invest in their future. It is now.

"Bring back the childhood of my youth"

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