Monday, October 18, 2010

I strongly dislike

my time being wasted.
When I am stuck waiting somewhere with nothing productive to do, and I have things I should be getting done.
(Note: I'm certainly not anti "being lazy" when there is nothing to do,
but during the school year, I can ALWAYS be doing something.)

So tonight, much of my time was wasted.
And I was frustrated from earlier happenings.
And I had no control over the situation.
And it would have been rude for me to leave.

This was a musical situation, so I found myself dancing all over. I had to express something or I would get really upset.
And then, I felt it:
I felt the need to sing.
Not because I love to sing:

because I nEEDed to sing.

I had pent up energy and creativity.
I could do nothing else. I wanted to let it out.
I felt the blues. I felt the minor.
I wanted to write a song.

I wanted to write a song.

I wanted, to write a song.

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