Monday, October 25, 2010

I have been daydreaming

about my future apartment/house.
And I am way excited about having one!

Here's what I have been thinking:
everything eclectic, new and old
various colors that are true
random cultural treasures from other countries
dishes and mugs that don't match
many secondhand items and furniture
a wall covered in brightly colored decorative plates
lots of house plants that I will enjoy watering
a parakeet that makes silly noises that I will giggle at
a couple of cats that are affectionate (get them off the farm, ya'll)
maybe a dog (future spouse will dictate this. and take care of it.)

And I will dress up and do classy things some nights.
Others, I will slip on my sweatpants and watch a film, all bundled up on the couch.
Man, that sounds good.

(Oy, I hope this doesn't effect my grades).


Nuetz said...

Dear Kate,
Will you design my apartment this summer? I will hopefully have a job by then... but I can't tell you where it will be yet :)

Thank you,

inspirEd said...

Haha- you're putting a whole lot of trust into a woman who has no experience decorating.
It just may end beautifully.

Nuetz said...

I have faith.