Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I was hypnotized tonight

and apparently it was a bit entertaining.

When I went into "deep sleep" the first time
I schlumped over and laid my face on a girl's boobs.

Also, there was a part where a friend of mine had to tell everyone in the "pool" (audience) to get out because there was a shark.

I started sobbing.

I have a phobia of sharks
and I was worried for my friend.
My makeup ran.

I'm glad my friend's OK and that sharks do not actually inhabit auditoriums.

Oh good-sounding suggestions...


Anonymous said...

Love your story! :)

Did you feel that you remembered the whole thing, or did people have to tell you about it later?

Also, did you feel thoroughly hypnotized, or more like you were kind of playing along, but just wanted to. In other words, do you think you could have just walked away?

inspirEd said...

I remembered the majority, but some people had to bring up stuff for me to start to remember.
I felt more like i was wanting to play along- I probably could've walked away and been fine after awhile- but it was cooool. :)