Friday, September 10, 2010

Used and thrown away.

I love throwing things away.
It makes me feel like I am simplifying my life by getting rid of all the extra.
The broken
the torn
the faded
the unacceptable, beyond repair (or beyond my style).
By filling a trash bag, I then get to throw that out-
and all that junk is out of my life, out of my way.
A new bag replaces it and I feel a silly sense of accomplishment.

I am uncertain about recycling.
Though I feel good about setting aside certain things that I believe will be recycled, I'm not always sure what will and what won't be accepted.
I don't know where my recyclables go, or if they're even being recycled with the utmost efficiency.
I put my items aside, taking the time and energy, and I hope for the best.
On the other hand, I am more likely to buy something that is made from recycled materials than not. Even if it's a bit more expensive.
I like to help the environment.
I also like to feel like I don't something good.
And, well....being environmentally friendly is hip, yo.

I adore donating things to secondhand stores.
I know that these are going to a good cause (like Goodwill)
and if they don't like my items, it's their issue to throw it away (guilt freeeee!).

I love buying things from secondhand stores.
Those stores are filled with hidden treasures.
Cheap, unique, sometimes old, hidden treasures.
And vintage clothing. I lahf the vintage clothing.

We gotta use what we got.
We gotta throw away and recycle what we not.
.represent dah Earth ya'll.

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