Monday, April 12, 2010

I'd like to own a mansion someday...

so I could fill it with orphans.

Honestly, the "MTV cribs" and "Fabulous Life Of..." shows make me sick and frustrated.

These people have so much money-
so they buy nasty big mansions,
have 7 cars,
have a plasma flat screen in every room (including the bathroom),
have their own personal movie theatres
and outdoor kitchens.

Do you really need all of that?
Why do you need 9 bedrooms and 6 baths?
Does anyone use them on a regular basis?
Couldn't you live a bit more modestly and use your excess money to

help a dying soul?
A perishing body?
A crushed spirit?
A victim of unfortunate circumstances?

Save up. Spend down.
Stop turning the blind eye- the world is more than you and that disgusting money you squander.

1 comment:

Amanda Jane said...

I would do this with you...I think about that kind of thing a lot :)