Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bedtime can be FUN!

Some of the best conversations with my chica friends have been as we were settling down to sleep.
There is a special bonding that happens when it gets late.
A new kind of openness.
Slumber parties are simply glorious to the young girl.
(Although, my parents have always said that nothing good happens after midnight- I'm guessing they are referring to being alone with a boy or being bored with rebellious friends who like to TP houses or snort cocaine- either way, thanks for the advice, parentals!).

Hotels can be especially fun.
Everyone is on common ground- there is no hostess- all are guests.
And hello, having 2 queen-sized beds that close together? There is bound to be some jumping around
and possibly pillow fights.

Pleh- but what I'm REALLY trying to get at is- the other night, I woke up randomly.
Why did I wake up, you ask?

I was laughing.

Yes- I was laughing in my sleep and I woke myself up.
As I came to consciousness, I continued laughing awhile.
What a pleasant way to wake up.

I wonder what was so amusing...

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