Monday, February 21, 2011

I was craving

a nice, long car ride the other day-
then I realized, the service trip is coming up!

I will be traveling to 3 major US cities over Spring break to provide several locations with worship music and service.

This all happens in a week, ya'll!

This means there will be good chunks of time where I'll have to sit tight in a massive van full of people and I'll have time to just...stare out the window.
(This probably sounds wicked boring, but stay tuned).

I grew up riding the bus to school, and I was one of the earlier kids to get on the bus and later kids to get off the bus.
I had so much time to dream up lovely thoughts and think through any difficulty life presented.

To this day:
I like to think.
I like to ponder, to contemplate.
I like to dream, daydream.
I can keep myself amused for hours without entertainment.

Hence my love of long car rides.

If not for the thoughtfulness, I can at least crank some Ke$ha and feel like a million bucks.

Tah :)


Laura said...

I'm excited too! Long car rides can be so interesting, especially with our group. Probs what I'm looking forward to the most is indoctrinating people in the ways of underOATH ;)

Nuetz said...

Yaaaaaay I heart service trips. 7 hour drive to South Dakota! Schwoah!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to take a road trip, no map, no directions. Just go wherever the road takes me. I believe the road would deliver me to understand more about who I truly am.