Monday, February 7, 2011

I have found my roadblock in college.

My capstone professor has said that he wants me to dig deeper into issues that I write about for daily assignments.
But see,
I do say all of what I think on the issue. I don't quite reach the writing requirement length. And I definitely don't take a strong stance.
My problem?

I have given in to postmodern thought.
It rules me.
I've found that there is next to nothing that I can hold onto and say "I know this is true"-
so, having my postmodern brain, I think,
"Well, nobody can actually know for sure, so why try to figure it out?"

Knowledge is so important. And it so is not.


Nuetz said...

This is very true. I have a very hard time taking sides on any issue nowadays. Sometimes it frustrates me, and other times I enjoy being able to stay neutral and listen to both sides. Then the rest of the time, I give the appearance that I'm neutral, when I'm really just afraid to make my opinion known.

Crazyyyyyyy. Thanks for this post Kate.

Anonymous said...

I understand. It's too easy to see both sides of things and realize that they both have their positives and their negatives.