Sunday, January 16, 2011


To all my readers:
I love you all. :)

It makes my day to read a newly posted comment
or hear that someone liked or was intrigued by a recent post.

I want you to understand the little silly things
and the big, heavy things
that inspire me and make my heart beat a little more truly.

You are so beautiful
and exciting
and inspiring.

And, you know me better than most.
Congrats on being fantastic and keeping up with me and my musings ;)
I appreciate your interest *sincere blush&smile*


Amanda Jane said...

aw :)

also...we really should be people around each other more often...


inspirEd said...

Are you still at the Baker's house? :)

Amanda Jane said...

yes indeed :)

Anonymous said...

You have too beautiful of a soul and mind to not read these, Kate.