Thursday, January 20, 2011

I like to get things done.

The more I do, the less stress I have.
This makes it easier for me to focus on the more important things.

For example:
I have reading and writing to do today.
But before that, I got up early so I could:
do laundry,
wash dishes,
take out the trash & recycling,
make a trip to Wal*Mart,
work out & shower,

Sometimes I take study breaks and do these things as well.
They really aren't chores that I dread doing, they are tasks that feel good once they're accomplished. :)

There's a beautiful difference.

Time to go to work!


Amanda Jane said...

that picture is hilarious :D haha

Nuetz said...

I like to get things done too! I need to plan them into my day more though... Also, I agree, that picture is wonderful-- and its exactly what I would do. (I'm a momma's boy.)