Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Resistance is futile.

Haha. Yes, I'm Christian, but I couldn't resist this picture.

I've never completely understood confirmation.
You see, I never have been.
I first went to a church where they confirmed kids,
then I switched to a church that doesn't.

I am accepted, taught and loved at my church.
Why the paperwork, parties and cake?


Amanda Jane said...

I was never confirmed either...I'm not even lutheran :) haha
but my thoughts are
1. it can be really good for building people up in truth
2. most of the time, in my experience people don't really want to be built up in that truth through confirmation, and a lot of them end up resenting people for making them do it.

that's all :)

Brian Beckstrom said...

In traditions that practice infant baptism Confirmation plays an important role. It's actually called "Affirmation of Baptism" because it's the time when a person affirms that they will live out the covenant God made with them in Baptism.

It's also a good excuse to eat cake :)