Thursday, January 14, 2010

Over break

I felt inclined to do something drastic.
Something that I felt strongly about.

I wanted to pull a child out of a vehicle where their parent was smoking.

Come on!
Have you missed all the secondhand smoking commercials?
Do you not realize that, not only are you slowly killing yourself, you're setting up your child to have problems as well?
Don't you love?
Don't you care?

Each cigarette smoked shortens your life 11 minutes.
Do you want to be there for your child?

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
But you are yellowing your teeth, staining your fingers, and you reek. You do.

Get help.
There is plenty out there.


Jordan W. said...

This reminds me: I forgot to tell you that before I left for break I saw a young woman (20ish) smoking at the gas station with her young (3ish) daughter right next to her. I said out my window, "If you loved her, you wouldn't be smoking near her."

Stuck her.

inspirEd said...

Wow Jordan- good for you!
Did she just sit there?

inspirEd said...
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Jordan W. said...

Well...I said it right before I drove off, just in case she was going to flip out or something. But there was a disgusted look on her face as I left.