Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They say

eyes are the windows to the soul.

There is nothing I like better
than some twinkling eyes in my life.

This happens when we smile so big that it reaches our eyes,
when we are filled with wonder,
when we we laugh from our bellies,
when we experience love,
when we are sparked by an idea,
when we find hope,
when there is something more than we imagined that brings us joy.

There the twinkle makes itself known so inconspicuously.
In that moment, I see peoples' hearts shine through.
In that moment, I see the anxieties melt away.
I see the freedom and joy that I only wish all could experience on a daily basis.
I know that person feels something...and it is good.

Shine through.

.this little light of mine? i'm gonna let it shine.

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