Friday, March 25, 2011

There just aren't

a ton of people who really know me.
And it's partially my fault, I know.
My life is pretty much an open book
but if someone doesn't ask,
I feel silly just talking on and on about myself.

Here's a hint though:
I really love people.
I do.
Though I feel like I have little time to really invest in others-
I find every individual fascinating.
Even if they rub me the wrong way,
my heart still finds beauty in who they are. I can't help it.
It takes so much to turn me away from somebody.
And even then, in time I'd want them back in my life.

Silly, right?
But I do want.
It makes my life messy.
And my closest friends don't always get why I accept and hang out with who I do-
and that's OK.
I've grown weary vying for approval; it's time to be realized that that isn't a priority of mine.


1 comment:

LoveConquersAll said...

Obs I'm not usually the one to comment...but this is SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL I can't stand it.

I love growth. :)