Sunday, February 21, 2010

I believe

in staying fit.
In working out.
In running and lifting until you are exhausted and you feel the endorphins circulate through your body.

I also believe that it makes you feel better about yourself;

your commitment
your figure
your posture-
your attitude.

Today as I rode in a van, we passed another vehicle. Bored as I was, I looked into that van to see what kind of people resided inside.
What I saw made me very sad.
I saw a mother, a father, and a son in a booster seat.
The two parents were noticeably obese.
Not only were they obese,
it appeared that the boy had just woken up
and so the mom was getting out the travel dvd player
to entertain him for the rest of their journey.

Sick. Sick to my stomach.
How can it get that bad?
Parents are supposed to run around with their kids,
throw them high in the air,
chase them and play games.

How can they?

If you care, you'd eat better and exercise.
Be there for more of their lives.
You also set the example for how they will live.
You teach them of foods (nutritious and not) and activity. Be a good example.

parents should also take an interest in their children.
Talk to them.
Talk WITH them.
They are only young so long.
They are only around so long.
You are only around so long.
Take part. Give heart.
Now can be the start.

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Jordan said...

That's one thing that disgusted me so much about Easter Kentucky. Literally around half of the children age 10 to 17 there are obese. And its not even their fault. They are doomed to being fat and lazy, just because their parents were fat and lazy.It made me sick to see all of those children walking around who honestly weighed almost as much as me when they weren't even teenagers.