Thursday, December 1, 2011

There is something about

fall and winter that gets me.
It gets me good.
It gets who I am and my heart and I simply want to hold onto these seasons because...they just get me.

They let me do as I wish:
snuggling up in blankets
sipping warm beverages
basking in the warm glow of soft lights
having an excellent excuse to stay in for the night
time to watch movies and read books
to write and organize and synthesize all the things I want to accomplish that long, sunny days will one day observe.

The fall and winter are restful seasons, to me.
They embrace my inner hermit that rarely gets to express itself.
Just my closest friends will see me. And my heart will wrap around theirs in a way that "stressed me" just can't relax enough to let happen. I can find my best self in these days.

My heart finds love in many forms during these seasons.
It is inspired in fresh ways during these seasons.
Those are good enough reasons to want them around
a little longer
I must say.
I'm loving today.

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