Saturday, November 5, 2011

clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp...

After my 2-hour workout today, I realized that I have many recurring thoughts in the gym:

-Finally here. Sometimes it's a pain to get myself here, but I always feel so much better once I'm going!

-Who is this now on the machine next to me? Don't know them. OK. No need for pleasantries and small talk. Eye contact- just give a polite smile. Now, back to burning those calories!

-Wow. That girl is all schlumped over and trying way too hard on the elliptical.

-Just because those shorts/capris were manufactured to be worn during workouts does not mean you look good in them and should wear them. Props to you, however, for getting to the gym and caring for your body.

-OK- let's get through this reading from class.....what? Hm- homegirl next to me has loud music on. Annoying. Wait! I hear double-bass. Nice! Mmmm. I wonder who she's listening to...? Maybe I can figure it out. Or I could just ask her.....ah, concentrate!

-Gosh that guy is running really fast on the treadmill. Fast like, "if-he-got-a-cramp-his-face-would-be-treadburned" fast. I'm always afraid someone's going to biff it on a treadmill!

-AH! WHY do the weightlifters just BANG their weights down like that? We KNOW you are in here to do some heavy lifting, you don't have to drop or THROW DOWN the bar after every set to try and be impressive. I can handle your huffing and puffing, and even some of your grunting, but when you throw down your weights my heart skips 5 beats because it frightens me so! Have some control!

-Oh. Homegirl's now listening to new Avril Lavigne, I can tell. *disappointed*

-That person has been watching the news during their whole workout. Good for them! I wish I could take that much interest....but here I am watching "Clueless." I wonder how many people have noticed this and are judging me... Meh.

-The sun sure does shift fast. When I started it was fine but now it's shining in my eyes. Maybe if I bend awkwardly like this for a few minutes it will get better.

-Funniest Home Videos! Major improvement! "HAHAAA!" Oh man, I just laughed really loudly. Ah, what the hey! Maybe people won't be so annoyed with me as entertained at my joy. This show is too good!

-That person must have gotten here a long time ago to have accumulated that much sweat on their back! Wow!

-That old lady really isn't using the machine correctly....I mean, she's giving it her all but that's not good technique. Oh well, love the white tennies :)

My mind is never bored :)

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