Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Something has changed within me.

Something is not the same."

Up until this break, I had taken any step to relish my childhood.
I wanted to "be forever young."
I had the spirit of a child.
But something has transformed.

I have less fear of the future. I have less fear of wanting it to be here quickly.
I now want to work toward the future.
I'm stopping this reminiscent tom-foolery.

It's exciting.
I no longer feel like a child.
I am coming into my own.
I still believe that part of "genius is carrying the spirit of childhood into maturity" and I strive to live as such.
But, with the help of the Lord, I have the power to shape my future. It is endless possibilities.
It is exciting. And scary. And I want to venture into that unknown. Weird. :)

Keep me in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

I like this :) :)