Friday, November 5, 2010

Newly discovered pet peeve:

people who scuffle as they walk.

It's like they don't understand the concept of picking up their feet completely to take steps.
Instead, we get to hear the soles of their shoes skid against the ground with every

Maybe this doesn't bother other people.
But I have this strange kind of sensitive hearing that some little sounds just resonate in my ears really, really well.
(like scuffling feet)
and I just want it to end.

Stop being lazy ya'll.
Pick up those feet.


Nuetz said...

So, funny story, numerous times I've walked through the student center and tripped over myself because my flip flops get drug on the floor if I don't pick up my feet enough, but it only happens with my flip flops (The student center maintenance must do a good job of polishing the floors). But it doesn't make a noise, you just see me trip. So I don't think I would bug you- would probably make you snicker/cackle/laugh. The end.

inspirEd said...

Hahaha! That would be entertaining to watch.
And....I don't cackle!...