Friday, November 19, 2010

I am not a performing monkey.

I only have so many talents, so many hours and so much energy.
You can pull at me from this direction
and you in that,
but I refuse to be torn apart.
I will remain intact.
I will do what I want and I will do what is needed.

You ask me for help, you ask to talk, you ask for a hug, you ask for a favor, you ask for my time
I want to give it to you, I do.
So I do.
Then the next person asks as well.
So I do.
Eventually, I lose track of my goals because I'm making sure everyone else is comfortable.
And the crazy thing is:

I DO have the ability to say "no."

I feel selfish enough as it is.
But I do all this for others.
And I just want some "me time."
And others to care back. Care back and realize that sometimes I need to focus on me and let it not be selfishly.


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