Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love others

with whom I can go on random adventures.
That I can do stupid stuff with
and not feel at all silly.
Those people who embrace who I am.
The ones I feel completely comfortable around, even if we're just sitting around.
I slowly find the ability to trust them with myself, with my heart and friendship, and the depth is nearly bottomless.

And those people that aren't that way?
My heart opens even quicker to them;
encouraging them towards my soul.
I wish to understand why we don't completely click.
I want to know what has been different in their lives.
I wish to know, to understand, to be there.
I know I can learn something from them, that they will help me grow,
with or without knowing it.

I know everyone needs love
and my heart abounds with it.

Fear Number 1: that I take those who I am closest to for granted and don't let them know how much I really do care about them and sincerely love them for who they are.
Fear Number 2: that those who I don't instantly feel a connection with will cling to me and force their priority upon me (thus less time and energy to my closest friends).
Fear Number 3: that when this all gets to driving me crazy, I go and just think of myself and make sure I'm happy, which in turn makes me feel selfish.

Truth: I think way deep about many aspects of my life to an almost obsessive level.
Confession: I'm truly am glad I have the ability and the capacity.
Invitation: Come chat with me sometime about your life.

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