Friday, July 23, 2010

Everybody loves a good book.

The kind that really sucks you into the story.
The kind that make you shower faster so you can just get back to those beautiful lines that somehow make you feel a part of something exciting.

The adventure, the relationships, the mystery...
We all wish we lived in those books sometimes.

{i wish there was an 8th Harry Potter.
a 5th Twilight.
another Princess Diaries.
A new series!}

Bring on a new series, baby.


Emaline said...

OMG..i love that pic...i wish there was more HP too!! i wonder if JK will ever get around to that encyclopedia? Have u read the tales of beetle the bard? I think she should write Hogwarts, A that would be a good read!

Amanda Jane said...

you have read the Narnia series right?...cuz if you haven't you MUST MUST MUST!!!