Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Attention Family:

Christmas break is coming up.
I want you all to prepare yourselves for some feisty games of Scrabble.

Brother- Reminder: It's just a game.
Mom- prepare to calm the brother. And sporadically laugh insanely (I'll have my video phone ready).
Dad- Please refrain from using words like "ARF," "BOO" and "UGH" (and by refrain I mean totally go for it).

We might also pull out Sorry or Monopoly.
Prepare for your loved ones to lie about being sorry for you,
and know that table talk and deals will be plentiful (there are faster ways of making $200 than by just going past "Go").

These are some ways we connect.
Can we create some new ones too?
Love you.

And don't forget to bring it.

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