Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In the end

we all want to stay warm.

This picture got me thinking about humans in general. We get so caught up in money, status, material things, that we forget about being human. Take away the money and stuff and what are we left with? We are left with who we are; our personalities and our basic needs: food, water, shelter, warmth.

I think it'd be a grand idea to be put out of my normal life- to experience what it's like to have those 4 basic elements of survival as things I worry about. Yes, it would be difficult. I would probably whine a lot without my pillow, my car and my lack of deodorant. Just surviving. Think of it.

I think the first night, maybe two, would be an adventure! I could go without food for a couple of days, find water in drinking fountains, use my arm as a pillow, whatev. I would like to take advantage of peoples' hospitality and ask if they have room for me for the night, a spare apple, a toothbrush. Can you imagine it?

Imagine that, every day. The adventure begins to fade as survival takes its toll. We're not meant to simply survive. We're meant to serve those who simply survive. What have you done?

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