Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beauty from pain.

It amazes me, the things that some people do.
This foot corset is beautiful, but get real, how do you wear shoes comfortably?


Amanda Jane said...

the really crappy part is...most surface piercings grow out like slivers. So they only last a few days, or weeks at the most. that foot corset thing, probably cost about $30 per piercing, it wouldn't feel nice, or be convenient for shoe wearing, and it wouldn't last.


Amanda Jane said...

(but yes, it does look cool)

nikki. said...

You wear flats, duh.

Anonymous said...

i have several surface piercings ranging from 20 corset rings down my back with lace in themto them being down my legs as well and they just come out they are relatively deep. and i u get more than 10 they are discounted. its a from of expression. of independence. and if ur like me then u need the pain. its a from of escape. so instead of cutting then i get piercings and that fulfills that craving. i just wanted to say that im not trying to sound like a jerk or any other word that u might like about me i just wanted to be alittle informative. thank you ~bre :)