Monday, August 15, 2011

I feel

that I have become a burden.
I am a puzzle piece that no longer fits.
A black sheep in the mix of the static.
I'm forced to tip toe around silently;
and you won't hear me.
Your ears have closed.
Your eyes look away.
You shudder at a touch.
I am foreign to you.
You are foreign to me.
The disconnect is ugly; I fear it.
But I can only be me. And you're only being you.
This pain is growing me from the inside;
and who am I to accept the good from God
and not the bad?

And it's not my fault.
it's not my fault.
it's not my fault.

But it does nearly make me sick.

1 comment:

Amanda Jane said...

I really appreciate the way you say things...I relate to a lot of them. (not always at the same time you're feeling them...but it still counts.)